Brutal Truth

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 13:27 -- ninav18


Another worksheet that I will not need past high school.

Yeah, I understand that school is not meant to be “cool.”

But how is the Pythagorean Identity going to better my life?

How are those pointless project going to teach me the morals of a good wife?

Change your guidelines and plans to actually benefit us.

Stop wasting time on irrelevant rants and unnecessary fuss.

I have big plans that require life skills.

How am I going to learn them, if all we do is punctuation drills?

I despise memorizing lessons that will not enhance my plans

I am on the road to having billions and maybe a couple of fans.

But I’m going to have to use my own integrity to accomplish this dream.

I will not use the school to help me; I am the only one on my team.

Despite the drawbacks, I will earn a admiring reputation.

Hopefully one day, my children will not be put in this situation.

Another day at school where I have wasted my time.

Given that this poem is blunt, telling the brutal truth is anything but a crime.


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