Cut the Exams


Excuse me, sir.

Are you listening, miss?

You are not going

To want to miss this.


I have something to say.

I speak for more than a few.

Testing isn't fair.

I'm sure this isn't new.


You see, not all excell

When it comes to taking a test.

Some of us get anxious,

And thus can't do our best.


But yet what we can remember

Is how you seem to grade us.

Instead of our intelligence,

Which causes quite a fuss.


For a student could be quite smart

(The class material, she knows it all),

But come the day of the exam,

Watch as her grade will fall


For that student could do so poorly

Her test grade below a C,

And then her class grade falls down too.

Now are you starting to hear me?


Perhaps you should think harder next time

Before you pass out that test,

For some may do well and remember it all

But how about the rest?


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