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Education is sort of like a loose screw, attached to a failing machine that tomorrow might turn on and we’ll all find out doesn’t work anymore. Here, let me clarify. This screw doesn’t mean we are screwed, this failed machine that keeps trudging on some may call it the American Dream, or the American Way, or Democracy but I call a failure,

 is why we are screwed.

This screw though,

 education that is,

 may be the way out.

 It could be our panacea,

 our saving grace.

But what do we do?

We do SAT,  ACT,

 Standardized testing,

 multiple choice,

 no child left behind,

 7 hours a day crap

 that is not real life.

 Life isn’t standardized,

 if you don’t pick up

 your pace no one

slows down , and

 no test I have seen

 in school has ever

hinted at solving these

 colossal issues with

American Society that

 are so evident today.

Education needs to be

 screwed into our society.

Ingrained early in

our youth and encouraged

 throughout life.  Schools

need to be focused around

 learning, not memorizing

 and just throwing out,

 but learning. Countries

 such as Japan have had

 amazing bounce backs

 from terrible disasters

because of all the stock

they have in their youth.

 America cannot make a

decision and sequesters

its budget and still manages

 to shut down and not

make a decision. Maybe,

 just maybe if this screw

 is tightened, somehow this

machine could begin to

put itself back together

and work to fix itself 

and change into 

an efficient,





I hope the shape of the poem is noted, or else this just looks like I made terrible formatting decisions.

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