Poem for Upcoming High School Freshmen


Hyattsville, MD
United States


I bet you feel overwhelmed, full of fear and a tad bit of stress.

It's your freshman year, in a new school and don't know what to expect.

You feel by yourself because your friend's went to different schools. 

But I wrote this to give you some advice on what to do.


You only have one YOU, so stay true to yourself.

Because no one knows you better than your own self.

Don't get caught up in the new trends and new fads.

Because they're not gonna be there when the year gets sour and bad

(Let's hope it doesn't!)


Another thing "Think before you speak."

Don't say or do anything that'll get you suspended, and result in you getting an "E".

There's a price to pay for bad actions, so don't do it.

Follow this step, your year will breeze by like the wind.


Making new friends, yes it is hard.

But always keep your closest friends to your heart.

Be sociable, branch out, do new things

And before you know it, graduation will hit with people screaming your name. 

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