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It's that sound, 
The one which makes a heart race. 
There is beauty shown, 
No matter what the face. 
Curves sleek and clean, 
Built with utmost perfection. 
Its’ gears swiftly shift, 
Speed: gives domination. 
Streets is what they roam, 
Make it rev 'till red-line. 
Matte or shiny, 
Paint's always fine. 
Have this passion for it, 
No clue from where it began. 
That ass is what I look for, 
But prefer coupe over sedan. 
I'm attracted to many, 
But love only one.
It's that mouth-watering skyline, 
That gleams in midnight sun. 
Its’ body, is flawless. 
Fast speed, be cautious. 
Fell in love... 
At first sight. 
Those afterburners, 
Make my fire ignite. 
Not front or rear, 
But rather, all-wheel drive. 
Corners and drifts, 
Total gears: one plus five. 
My dreams are big, 
I need a shooting star. 
But one day I'll own you, 
Nissan.. GT-R. 
© Jessica Hernandez



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