School is a Balancing Act

School is back again this year, time to get your act in gear.

Got to complete school assignments, cope with schedule misalignments,

and never lose that fear of falling behind your peers.

We got sports and classes, failings and passes, paperwork piled in masses.

There’s the job and hobbies against a mob of distractions.

Studying, sleep and social life balance precariously like a knife standing upright on its tip.

Let me give you a tip; take that knife by the grip and hold it, don’t let it slip.

It’s a lot of work to hold that dirk and you might go berserk but that work is worth it, it’s worthwhile so why would you waste that perk?


You say you got a lot of stressors and expectations from your professors.

Oh, yes, I know that’s true, it’s true for both me and you. You’ve told me nothing new.

But stress is not so bad if you only have a tad. So come on now and get glad. You know what stressors I’ve had?

I took two, four and six-syllable-ology, I’m in clubs of varying ideology, and I fit work into that chronology. Course I don’t spend much time on technology.

Yet I took the time to write out this rhyme.

Time management is a fight, but you don’t need all that much might, provided you find a respite.


But I’m not perfect.

I got a lot of cares and I’m pulling out my hairs instead of offering up my prayers.

See, meditation offers emancipation

from all that worry and excessive hurry.

So plug in to school life and burry all of that strife.

You must learn to stay calm and open up your palm to accept that balm

from heaven we call sleep. You need to sleep and relax to keep life from falling through the cracks.

Easier said than done but great are the gifts you’ll have won if interrupt your fun

to become still. School can be a thrill but sometimes you’ve got to chill.


Don’t forget your friends when your brain overextends.

They’ll give you comfort and love as well as a motivational shove.

I know it’s hard to trust and you fear that backstabbing thrust because you still remember your last bust. But even so you must.

If you believe in reliability it gives each relationship fertility and your ability to overcome adversity is increased via diversity.

Your friends lift you up; they fill that half-empty cup.

You might think that you can’t sleep, at least not very deep, when you know you have a homework heap.

But there are friends you need to meet. I mean more than a tweet. You need to move your feet so that you can greet

your best friends face-to-face and be there in the same space.


School is back again this year, time to get your act in gear. You have nothing to fear so brighten your face with cheer.

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