There’s little alarm

Brought on by

my alarm

Spitting its scream at 6:15.


For a moment I was free

From the trouble that is me

Or is it the work that is never truly done?

Nowadays it’s hard to tell.


I should prepare for the day

And break the cycle of dismay

Get ready for what needs to be done,

But I did my time

Last night until 1:09

So I deserve ten more minutes of ignorant bliss.


But the textbook by my head

And the notebooks on my bed

Remind me of what more I should’ve done

An A on a test

Is worth one less hour of rest

But my brain had decayed to an catatonic state


6:45 and I’m already behind

Just with my first action of the day

I break out of bed

Pull a shirt over my head

Try and fail to hide the circles beneath my eyes


I need to succeed

So I answer my own pleas

For rest with empty replies

“Work harder, plan more,

Get it done and just ignore

That feeling of needing to stop


For a few minutes


To breathe


And just finally


Think of nothing.”


Now it’s 7:15

I take my advil with caffeine

Leave the house

And do it all over again.

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