Pointless Quest


He hurries and he rushes

to reach a distant goal.

The world, it moves so fast today,

his life’s not truly full.

He works at school, to work at college,

to finally work a job,

and by the time he’s reached this point

he hasn’t lived at all.

He let the best years of his life

slip through his working hands,

and by the time he’s realized this,

he’s now a tired old man.

Looking back upon the time he lost,

there’s a lot he’d like to change.

And unfortunately, how he lived his life

is not considered strange.

So the man set out to warn the youth

of society today

Against the way of life he chose:

tiresome, dull, and gray.

He hoped the children would hear his words,

the wisdom in his quotes.

But they cannot hear the meaning

while they’re busy taking notes.


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