Girls Like You

Girls like her, they don’t feel.

That’s what you tell yourself.

Vicious is how one would describe your words.

But that doesn’t stop you from typing them out.


Without blinking you press enter.

You turn her world upside down.

Without thinking you cause deep shearing pain.

Just with a click of a button.


You are a coward,

Hiding behind your one sided barrier.

Protected by a virtual screen.


But she feels the blow from the attack.

It’s as if you are reaching out,

Breaking her heart from miles away.


Her chest is heaving, unable to breathe.

The sobs come.


You can’t see them.

You can’t hear them.

You can’t stop them.


Others join in with the torment,

Adding fuel the fire.

If you can bully,

Why can’t they?

Why not join in with the fun?

Why not get a laugh in?


The constant beating takes its toll.

Being told to die.

Being told the world is better off without you.


After awhile she starts to believe,

Maybe you are right.


Before you can even type,

“It’s a joke.”

It’s too late.


Before you can calm her down,

She’s taken her life.


Before you can apologize,

You’ve become a murderer.




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