The Youth Vote


You are debating, misstating, creating

Facts and figures that sounds so nice.

I am waiting, we are waiting,

My generation is weighting

The issues your public relations manager

Assigned to our age group

Restating you platforms and overrating the system.


Bail outs, bust outs, burn outs galore.

What is left for us? What dreams are left for us?

They have been sucked dry by a harsh reality.

A youthful future of uncertainty 

Is this all we have left?

Is this the America I’m fighting for?


Is this the road where we find each other-

A fork in the road lengthened

And strengthened by our generational gaps-

Always waiting for the right time

To weigh different issues?

Do we want entirely different things?


Let this be our fork in the road,

At least we are on a path.

We know what is happening.

We see ourselves, ready and waiting.

Our voices are weapons, our words armor plating.


People survive.

America survives.

Americans survive.


And live,

A life worth living.



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