Sh*t You Can't Say to Your Teacher


Collins Hill High School
Taylor Rd.
United States
32° 20' 5.082" N, 86° 10' 45.4584" W


I am so dull

In a room that is so dark

I have entered a place where I am so clueless

Coming from another country with no background of the English language

But I want to be saved

I want to be saved by the wonders of the ones that chose to educate

The ones with the patience of genuinely being there

I want to be saved by the guidance of the brilliant men and women

By those we call our teachers

When I put my mind to it

It is them who deserve the most attention

Them who deserve the prize

Dealing with the attitudes of students and the difficulties of finding ways to teach

Ways to open our limited minds and feed them with the knowledge and power

That we may someday change the world with

I want to be saved by the teachers

The teachers that make it their top priority

To make sure I understand

To make sure I am happy with my surroundings

And most importantly

To make sure I continue to chase my dreams

I need to be motivated

Pushed to my fullest potential

I believe that I have the ability to someday change this world

And until then

I want to be saved by the hope of my teachers

The hope of them knowing I will make it out there

I want there to be no doubt, no second thoughts

I want them to save me. 


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