The Tested Generation 2.0

Sat, 06/21/2014 - 21:39 -- jcassy4


From birth we are tested

Spanked on the butt to see if we cry

In Elementary school we learn for standardized tests

"You're learning this because it's on the test"

Test upon test upon test said to observe our progress

High school is baseline, interim, midterm finals, AP, AICE and End Of Course

There is never time to decompress

We absorb information for a test

Bu do you ever stop to think if everyone truly understands?

Or are you just going by your lesson plans?

SAT ACT, and PERT to determine college readines

What if I'm not?

I am tired of taking tests

Tests only determine how well you can teach,

Not how much I know

If you give me an 'F', give yourself an 'F'

You didn't teach well enough to understand

If I have failed, you have failed me

In college I can only look forward to more test

You always have questions for me

Pop Quiz!

Now I have a few for you:

What's in it for you?

Does my success affect your salary?

Do you even care about my future,

Or am I just another ID number?

You weren't prepared for this test, where you?

*Extra Credit:

Did I ask to be born in the most tested generation?

No further questions.





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