on a crystal lake yonder stood a boytrying to catch a brilliant blue koitugging his branch of dental flosshe wanted to show the world who's boss son it's Monday morning rise and shinewhat are you doing out on a day so finewhere's your pencils, papers, books, and bagyou need to be at school playing laser tag Sir I don't like school its not for mesitting still I need to peebooks weigh my spirit downreading Greek makes me want to drown boy you haven't seen it yetwords that wrestle breaking sweatjumping screaming holding handsdragging you deeper into quicksand Sir that sounds like a dangerous placeI know the world I need to facelearning silly words is a waste of timebetter spent working hard for a shiny dime history is not deadyou only need to pet its headtake a look to see the worldfuture, present, past all unfurled math can bite and make you cryit's actually a shy private eyelook for clues within a codesolving a mystery truth bestowed science lives and breathes cold aircan you see its everywherebutterflies are red that's camouflageexploding rocks loving sabotage all I need is a chance to growa little time and I'll get that doughfishing is what my life will beI want to live by the great White Sea can you read I know you're brightchasing fish to your delightstop this dreaming little oneyour life has only just begun I can fish with all my mightwait for it I'll get a bitewhere's my fish I know its therec'mon make me a billionaire on your hook I see a toilet ringwhere's that koi that will make you kingnothing will bite at the dentist's chairgo to class you need not swear priceless anger go back homehe only needed a place to roama flash of blue rests on a serving dishnow this my child, is how to fish


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