I HATE School


Why do I hate school? 
Well that’s easy. 
Friends are fake 
..Except for a few 
It’s hard to find yourself. 
The person who you really are. 
Who am I? 
Sure, I’m quiet. 
But I’m not. 
I have a lot to say. 
I’m only quiet in school. 
I give looks without knowing it, 
Nothing personal. 
But that’s me. 
I’m a whole different somebody. 
So, I hate school. 
I hate that everyone is only cool, 
If they gossip, and act hard. 
I hate that nobody cares, 
About what you have to say 
Unless you’re too loud; that is. 
I hate that everyone judges you, 
Just by your friends. 
But when college comes, 
Oh yea. 
Everyone switches types. 
We’ll all have our turn. 
But until then. 
I’ll always hate school. 



i love you poem it hits home for a lot of people

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