Do Not Say It


Hello teacher Do you know what you want to teach us today? Or do you want to seat on your big, luxurious, comfy, and plush chair while playing cards on your school paid for laptop? I thought in school we were supposed to learn not sit on this cold, hard, metal desk that hundreds of students sit on and write “How you are so good at teaching,” for the principal to read. When you really aren’t? Can we please do something fun in gym instead of chasing each other with dodge balls in hand? If I ask these things I bet you’ll say “No”, while sitting at your desk acting like you’re so high and mighty When you’re at the bottom of the food chain in the careers With other low-paid people that people pawn their work onto and work them so hard that their backs break into a thousand pieces I think in my head but I dare Not Say it

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The things I think but dare Do Not Say.

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