"An epiphany!
An epiphany!" they cried.
"How has time passed alter you?"
An epiphany I granted to them.
Perhaps it's the youth in me,
Where the vastness of the world
Still instills fear within my heart.
Where I feel at my utmost weakest state,
Where people hear
But don't quite listen.
Where I learn,
But am unable to change anything.
The prison I am tied to
By unseeable obligations
Is preparing me
For a landfill of broken souls.
As resolutions turn into memories,
Passion into ash.
One day I will become just like them,
Trapped by the duties of work,
Duties of living.
My world
Becoming an ocean of glass
Until monsters resurface
Well into my later years.
By then it'll be too late,
By then my world will be depleted,
And I will finally realize the futility of it all.
But until then,
I will work.
Until then,
I will perform my duties,
Bound by law and society.
This is my epiphany.

This poem is about: 
My country


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