Dear Freshman Me

(A poem based on telling my past self four years ago)-Does contain suggestive language
Dear freshman me:

Hey!- you yes you there blond- hair tip moron


Look at you it's your first day of being a freshman with your grey gym shirt and red shorts too short to be even call short shorts-
I know exactly how you feel right now, your nervous about being cool ,hesitant about being a fool and reclousing about giving a new first impression of life
because let's face it you know it as well as I know it that middle school wasn't the best of times but your the best their Is,the best there was and the best
wait if I finished that last line ill be sued by the greatest all of time for copyright infringement.

you get what I mean

Unfortunately others don't see you that way.during this time your going to go through a harsh set of experiences with people that believe that you should be buried under a ditch to rot with the inconsiderate dreams that they could not and never live up to.

you thinking the same way but if the think the same way you'll be the same way.

thats friends though your going to lose a lot to clicks and gain to few to watch flicks but your best friends will turn on you for the worst of reasons but you know what SCREW them you don't and never need them Because that's life.

Life's a bitch and then you die But during that middle period you need to make your life the best FREAKEN time.

I know you your Sick and tired of the same damn problems that surfaces and you will begin to realize and you are going to fight through a crapton mess to make the ideas

the ideas, ideas, ideas, your been thinking of since your childhood knocking yourself out, falling off chairs out and getting hit in the head with coconuts to make those ideas true into realities

All during this new and amazing period close friends and brand new experiences in all factors of your life will change some bad some good but that's the growing process of life but here's some quick tips

1). Women hate that body spray you think its good cause its cheap smells like cat pee simple: buy a decent cologne,nicely look clothes,cut your afro and don't be a arrogant self loathing douche that you think that you will be.

2)peer pressure is a bitch and I wouldn't recommend doing things that cannot be said in this video Because i am a good and honest and would never do such things( "wink,wink") to impress Because no one ever wins.

3) if you ever decide to bash on music videos and voice it to the public don't bash about a girl who sings about Friday or else your are going to be sued out the ass and will lose a lot of support

4) your going to fail everyday at something get used and embrace fail Days

These are some of my tips hopefully you will follow some of them but what do I know I'm just a brown guy just being brown in this brown world which is my fifth tip

5). copyright every stupid saying you think of from being brown to RAFF NATION you will know why in a few years and it will be plastered on to items which leads to my true last point.

once you realize that things are changing don't ever look back just look forward Because the only way to be better is to change your best

Take it easy and stay changing
Who knows maybe you'll be here in this 12 by 10 box we called YouTube but you never heard of it its too hipster.


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