Isolated in the Empty Faces

  The rush from one class to the next...knowing nobody in the halls, just trying to get by.   I always wonder, "Is this what high school is really like?"  Does everyone have the same empty look in their eyes.....I wander to my class and wait for it start....The waiting is always the worst....Some speak to friends...some don't.  I just sit quietly and look for something to look at, but it does not work.  I end up thinking I am staring at someone and must search for another object to gaze upon.  Then the teacher comes and we begin to learn, talking about future quizzes and tests.  This routine continues for about 6 hours a day for 5 days each week until summer.  Day in day out, same empty faces, same waiting......It is as if nobody cares anymore....So why is it I strive to go to the library everyday and learn to my highest ability?  What do the others have that I dont that make them not want to learn?  Am I one of the only ones?


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