That damn bell, oh how I dread.

These mornings never change.

I think I’m seeing red.

I groan at the sight of the metal detectors and the line that waits.

The security guards with tired eyes, laying down the law.

Their words slowly reach out to me.

Slow the perfect word to describe this painfully dull moment.

These halls, these halls I roam upon never stop. Imaginary glass pierce

through my feet, each step I take.  Each step is painful.

Broken glass is all I feel and all I see.

“She looks mad, she looks sad, why does she look like that?”

Whispers arise as I continue on.

This building, this school, these students and these teachers make me feel that way.

 Education is dead and it’s been laid to rest for many years.

Classes have been taking away and so has my pride.

My A’s and B’s are all lies.

Yet I have a high GPA, but a low ACT score.

Somebody please explain to me, am I Einstein or Frankenstein?

These teachers, these buffoons are nothing more than just zoo keepers.

Taming these students, who act like savage creatures.

None of their words are true. Yet they claim they care.

I know the lies. Worthless is what I describe.

Our minds are decaying because of this system.

Even our health is at risk.

Three types of slop are fed to us every day. Enough is enough I say!

 “Do you care? Are you blind?! Do you not see where this school is coming down to?!” I ask.

I already know the answer. Nobody cares.

After all, we are all statistics in the end.


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