What Makes Me Tick


What makes me tick. You know what makes me tick?

When people are so selfish they can't see past themselves. It makes me sick!

I give and give and give. I do my best to help others with their problems and their life. They listen to my words and absorb, they use it and get better. No more strife.

They never credit the source and they feel just fine. They never realize that the helping hand was mine.

But then I sit down in the dumps. I sit and rot from the inside out. I look with eyes pleading. I internally shout. 

They may pretend to care. They'll let you cry and they'll sit right there. They hold your hand until you smile. When their intentions were false all the while. 

They just wanted you to get better so they down get drug down with you. They could care less how you feel in the next minute, hour, day. 

"I feel better." That's what they want you to say. They never follow up to see if it took hold. The problems that they "fixed" unfold once again when they could've fixed it then.

What REALLY makes me tick

What BURNS me at the core. 

Is when these people don't even try. They look at you and don't bat an eye. 

Or worse. They try to mask your problems. When they just change your mind. 

Force you to repress what will only grow into something way worse.

Just as long as the outside looks pretty then things are fine. That's the perverse mentality of people who don't understand a dying mind. 

People. Listen to my words. The ones that truly need help don't admit it the first time. Stop being so selfish.

Ignorant people, Selfish people, people who can't care about another. People who can see an individual breaking and hurting on the inside but continue to walk right past them.

That is what ticks me off.


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