Sh*t I wish I could say.


Now just because I say sh*t, don't think of me as rude.

I just got to get it off my chest, some of the sh*t you do I think is crude.

Like the way you look at me, as if I don't have the right kind of apptitude

Like he's only here for the financial aid, he'll be gone in a week or two. 

Do you really think you can judge me by the color of my skin or the clothes I wear

Or maybe it's my fault, I guess I forgot to cut my kinky African hair. 

No not mine, but the fault might not be yours either,

For I know it is society that led you to this form of believing. 

So believe what you must, and so will I 

Believe that I will finish college, even if I have to pay for it through scholarships that rhyme

So go on believing stereotypes, and I will wish you the best of days 

I hold against you no resentment, I just thought I'd tell you some shit I wish I could say.

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Hope you all enjoy. I need this scholarship! lol

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