Highschool- Hormonal Heaven

I've been called strange

And maybe deranged

Because my views on school aren’t the same

When August rolls around-

 I cheer!

Hip-hip-hooray for the new school year!

Oh, no, you too?

You say “No! It’s a pain!”

“Yuck, it’s the worst!”


let me explain…


Teachers you love, but more teachers you hate,

Longing for the years

When you went to bed at eight


The drama, the laughter, ah, your friends

They're the best!

Those oh-so-kind teachers with

A pop quiz or pop test


Whether in charter, homeschool, public or private

You can say you despise school,

You really don’t like it


But stop

Look around


Glance        Glance



It will become holy ground-

A symbol

Your memories

When youre older

your childhood fantasies


Year 1, 2, 3, 4

High school flies by,

Youll walk out the door

Of that place

just for learning

That temple of knowledge

Where they house the hormonal kids before college



Be strong

Be grateful

Take it day by day

Because this is something I love

And I just gotta say


School pictures and acne

You feel somethings missing

But that awkward in-between time

Is strangely…



Youre in the good old days and don’t even know it

So don’t blow it


Make the most of your time

You could even wright slam poems that

Just barely rhyme

Have fun, be free

You be you, I’ll be me


High school is cool,





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