My Unusual Bed


The unexpected comfort I have found
sleeping on this furniture
my sister diagonal from me.
my mother parallel to me.
my pride inexistestent.
I do not complain because
it is either this couch or
a park bench
every night
neck pain
back pain
pain that flows from my toes
to my fucking nose
but incomparable to the heart pain
I once felt as I lay on that park bench
my sister diagonal from me
my mother parallel to me
my vanity inexistent

the night wind whipping against my face.
painful. yet
unequal to the whip of those who
oppressed my ancestors
the bench colder than
the hearts of my relatives
who refuse to give us shelter. colder than
the hearts of the teachers
who refuse to give makeup work because
I miss too many days. colder than
the heart of that counselor who's job is to
say that she cares
when she really doesn't.
understands when she has

my bed is a couch that is
hard like our faith,
brown like our skin,
crowded like the instutions that fail me, and
seemingly never ending like
our journey to find shelter
my bed is unusual
but I am happy with
my sister diagonal to me
my mother parallel to me
and my gratitude..

This poem is about: 
My family
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