What I Want Changed in My Classroom



I can’t stand it.

Everyone thinks that they know better,

But they don’t.

They can only recall useless facts.

And they think they are getting ahead in life

When in reality they are taking two steps back.


It is insane to listen to the same lecture twice

And then to come back tomorrow and hear it again

That’s right.

I said it

The classroom is a bore

Because all we ever do is remediation

And it is starting to feel like a chore.

Something that I have to do in order to keep my parents happy

But where is the fun?

Why am I not happy?


“It’s all for you to get into college and have a nice job.”

Then why is it that freshman in college always feel robbed?

Thirty three percent of college students in their first year flunk

and those that make it to the next year always seem to get drunk

They were robbed of there time in high school

That’s the truth.

Learning everything except common sense and how to drink booze.


That is what I want to change

Not how to drink booze,

But to have common sense

That is what I want to improve.


I didn’t write this without a plan

I hate hypocrites

One: Don’t turn education into a dictatorship.

Students will rebel and we do it now

Its called procrastination

(haha wow)

Two: Allow students to ask as many questions as they want

To do this you must create an environment that allows us to flaunt

Questions unite us

And this is the United States,

So please, let everyone feel the embrace.

And three… the one I admire the most

is that we need to let students be creative

on their own.

Letting students build their own rocket

Or tree fortress.

And watching them grow up with more than just a level 100 Moltres


Creativity is the link between discovery and intellect.

If schools do not teach this,

Then the only things students will do is go on the internet.


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