Test Anxiety

“Pass the test”

“Come on, be the best”

Self-worth on a piece of paper

A guaranteed confidence caper

We blame the students, not the system

Building up an anxiety kingdom

English, math and science in focus

But history and geography lack meaning to us

Art and music fall to the wayside

Creativity in education has officially died

We wonder why we’re lower then the rest

If we teach the students the exact test

But that’s the thing, no extra effort is given

Neither educator or student are even driven

We give education so little heart

No wonder we’re below average, let alone smart

We are stuck in a void of educational apathy

With the tests and pressure, so rises the anxiety

Tests of impractical fables, 

Pineapples, hares and encoded tables

When will we realize that students are not just lazy,

But that these tests are, in fact, crazy?

We allow for worth to be based on a numerical scale

But it really has done nothing but fail

Students shouldn’t have to live up to some made up standard

But apparently the perception of that is increasingly hard


This poem is about: 
My country


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