Restless With Requiem

Can this just be the present 


That everyday is 


Even with a nemesis


Or without even saying 


Wanting the same Even if it's in different shades


Or different context 


If we don't attend its not a test 


A testimony for what doesn't seem to matter 


Because if seams are what we sew and rather 


Then we can go and gather 


What we need and drive home through the pitter patter


Slip just to catch it 


And wish it never happens 


But what we are without it 


Battle just to grab it 


Stabbing myself in the foot 


And heal it out of habit


And feel it with the madness 


Steal it with a passion that's more than passive 


Even if that's an evening of our actions


You know how it can feel like this is the last trip?


Don't you know that when something falls you can still catch it? 


Drifting from the topic 


Stop it 


Ride on because we want thrills


Because we got chills 


Look out because we've got views 


Like nobody else


Like what nobody tells 


Because we're holding up appearances


Like mirrors in our devices 


And our vices to deal with it  


So it's alright if its inexact I just want be in this zone


It's more than a loan


Is it something or other?


Well if you already know


Still not ready to go


On and on 


Like it's clothes when it's cold


We go on and on 


Like we're clothes when it's cold 


To be our own campaign


Brew our own champaign


Seeing through old lamp shades


See the roads regardless if snow blank lanes 


One track mind because they tax mine


Until we get to snore there's no relaxing causing acne 


And our faces can still make shapes without noises 


Understand that we're dying so we pick our own poison


Koi fish intertwined we are all so typical


Miserable pinnacles of ourselves until we're old 


How ironic


Like an icon that's toxic 


Then it's not 


Never want to be a zombie


Or a villain with a working heart


As we wander to find our parts


Detached and scattered 


Relax with battered foods


and our attention spans take off from 


the casual laughter 


Dont want to spoil anything


But the fruits of my labors tell me that I have to


Like cash rules


And loving instructions


When you're not there, yet...


Like offbeat percussion


We're changing rhythm like


How city lights look different when youre in them


Speaking in innuendos now


Can you remember then though?


Senseless like a smiling adult


Why cant we have those dreams 


Times like these we dont even have the room to breathe 


Try and hold it 




Keep them warm when you squeeze them


Didn't even have photos then 


Still now i can see it 


Even if it is skewed 


Even if it isn't true 


Check the news


it couldnt be if it isn't you 


So hope that you can leave what you didnt choose alone 


Hope that you can keep what you did choose alone 


Maybe you can salvage a perfect picture in ruined homes 


Maybe theres a flower sprouting out of the cracks of ruined roads 


At times this thinking is unhealthy like these newest folds 


Sleeping to remember but that keeps me up till like 2 or 4 


Lookin out my window in the morning when the dew is cold 


Lookin at my phone and wondering what do you do this for 


And not knowing is torture 


Like trying to ignore her 


Or trying afford her


And she is just a thought 


Wait, let me stop 


Like a bad habit 


Like having high standards because of that classic 


More than just witty banter and rhyme patterns 


More like horrible orifices and a warm pitter patter 


Cliches that might matter 


Finding shade in a space where words can be inspired that inspire laughter 


And be able to walk for miles after 


It could have been a million at that  


Rich off of whatever it is that clicked


Pushing buttons like robots but not indifferent 


And we all know those can be settled 


Not always better off lookin for something better 


But you better be smiling even through awful weather 


And you oughta be thinking 


Isn't that what were meant for 


That's what we spent for 


I wonder why we short all of our mentors 


Never pay attention. half of that is what we are bent for 


The pet store never called me back


What are all of these resumes sent for?


And now I'll go print more 


And it almost seems like thats all that were in for 


Till a time out is found to get lost in the times 


Getting lost when its just not the time 


Checking pockets for dimes


Messing up and pushing all of your options aside 


Then redrawing what you saw in your mind 


Before you started to lay in the sun 


Got burnt, got dark, feeling done


Spread a curse, moved on, got some 


Looked around, put in words, karma


Back around now its on and I stay up 


And we want it all 


But its never a given


When all we ever wanted Is hard to envision


As if it was far too encrypted


And im no good with this scripting 


I just want to find the perfect caption 


After capturing the perfect image


Even if there are Perforations it's just so we cool off with what we were given 


Loop holes are like new coasts


Went through those and now were too close to forget our incentives 


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My community
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Our world
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