Black and White

Recently, applying for scholarships have become a blur.

The number one question I get is 

What are you personal and educational goals?

To me, stating my personal and educations goals seperately

Is like saying life is black and white.

I indentify my educational goals as my personal goals.

It isn't one or the other.

Life is anything but black and life

Previous circumstances made my life mostly black and grey

But now, I'm starting to see more white

I'm starting to see color

I see blue when I'm outside doing community service and all my extracurricular activites.

I see green working my full time job after going to school full time.

I see yellow from the light in my room as I'm trying not to doze off to finish a paper last minute.

I see red in my frustrations from getting a test score being anything below a B. 

I see pink when I think of my family and friends and how much they give me support.

I see purple in the covers of the bed I lay with my dog as we unwind to a show.

Most importantly, I see white in school.

School is my white. School is my silver lining.

School makes me happy.

Life is anything but black and white. 

There is a range of colors in between. 

And each of those colors are what makes the days stained like black ink fade away.


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