Three months early

Twins born too small

Doctors wondered

If they'd even live at all


Months went by

From the hospital we were released

The older sister first

And then the younger was freed


Years went by

They excelled in school

The younger one was shy

For that, she was ridiculed


As she grew up

The shyness and quiet remained

Though that was unusual

She wasn't just a plain Jane


Then something bad happened to her mom

Her sickness and pains had gotten worse

She was diagnosed with Lupus

That's not the worst of the curse


When middle school came

Even more changed

She lost her Nanny

Her funeral was hence arranged


That brought the count to three

Three of her loved ones gone

Though is was hard

She had to continue on


When high school began

She made close connections

With teachers and peers

She followed directions


But something happened

Halfway through the year 

She ended up sick

It was all too weird


Getting it checked out

Everyone wondered what was wrong


She had to stay strong


Through the next few years

The aches and pains were horrible

It was hard to get up in the morning

For her, nothing was comparable


Classes got harder

She dealt with the pain

Her family and friends helped her through

The work was a strain


Things did get better

She got into Honor Society

But classes still

Brought on anxiety


Senior year came

Taking Calculus and other honor courses

It took a toll on her

She begged for help from other forces


Her dad went on the road to work

Her mom started to improve

Her sister was diagnosed with the same thing

She wanted to have something to prove


She could excell

Even in her worst class

She wanted to get through it all

She wanted to pass


Now she's here writing all this

Talking to penpals among other friends

Drawing and writing

Going through pencils and pens


About to graduate

With high honors and smiles

She knows that she'll take off

And soar and fly for miles


She knows how to handle life now

She'll head off too college

No matter what's thrown at her

She'll follow her heart and her knowledge


You think she would have given up

That she wouldn't want to go on any longer

But the tears and the fears

Only made her stronger













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