Teaching My Mind


Mind your manners

Sit up straight

No slouching

Better stay awake

My head hurts

And my eyes burn

Read the reports

It's my turn

Eyes all on me

Glossophobia's the word

God, I want to leave

There's that label:


When I want to learn

You let them laugh at me

They talk loud, they tease

And you just let them be

I care about my education

And they don't, not at all

You just want to get the day done

And as summer turns to fall

They all get antsy, and anxious

I still try to keep on course

They're all failing tests

And you feel no remorse

You, teacher, claim to care

About my educational state

But you are letting them take over

Those rotten, young, ingrates

"I hate homework"

"When is it due?"

"Shut up, dork!"

"Yeah, who asked you?"

I'm alone here

With my brain

And you don't care

We're all the same

To you I'm just another kid

Quietly passing through

You don't acknowledge that I'm trying

Doing all I can possibly do

And someday when I'm changing the world

A day not as far off as you may guess

I will still thank you in my speeches

For letting me be the best

For never settling down those other kids

Who always distracted you from our work

And making me learn everything on my own

Though the others called you a jerk

Your lack of care prepared me

For a world where I had to know

No one else can do it for me

I have to do it on my own



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