Where can I find some of that "green"?

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 19:28 -- alucio9


United States
29° 44' 45.9852" N, 95° 18' 55.7208" W

Practically weightless, yet, it weighs on your shoulders.

You either have it or you don't.
You have enough or you don't

You're not addicted.. Yet, you need it.

Where's your monthly fix going to come from?
Don't forget the water, gas, and electricity bills are past due.
Get some for that too.

Can't snort it, smokeit, shoot it, drink it,taste it, or feel it.
Yet, it affects you like a drug when you have it.
The seratonin flows and it feels like an endless moment of ecstasy.
The bills, the problems, the mortgage, they all disappear.

The high fades and your system begins to break down again.
You bite your nails. Scratch at your arms. Paranoia.

How many hours did you get in this week?
Will working overtime get you a better fix?
Will you have enough to satisfy?

Money isn't an addiction, when you have it that is.
Try living to make ends.
C'mon, just once won't hurt.



It's very difficult to try to get anywhere without some cash and it feels like everyone is just looking for places to find it like a drug.

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