Classroom Thoughts I

I sit in this small room surrounded by young men and women

I look behind my shoulder and see my girl

A young delicate jewel who shines above all others.

She wears no paint, as many do to make themselves apear as jewels.

Many take on roles and voices that attempt to create the person as someone they aren't

Young men where dorags and ripped up clothes to look hood

Even though their parents worked hard so they never would have to 

Girls are supposed to be worth more then rubys

Yet devalue themselves for the trashy young men who treat them as they were dirt

The ones who are quote on quote "good kids" are spoiled by faculty and learn nothing of the real world

But I wish no harm of any of them

For one day they'll be forced to leave this place

And face the world that I and few others have prepared for.

This poem is about: 
My community


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