Everyone sees that perfect girl in the corrner.

She gets the grades,

Has the marks,

And all the teachers are wrapped around her pinkie finger.

But little does anyone know,

Her essence of perfection is only a facade.

Behind those glasses hides a devil,

A relinqeunt asking for expulsion.

In her mind,

She mentally smacks the professor each time he becomes his own


Assigning things never uttered in lecture.

All she wants to do is yell out,

"Stop being such an arrogant fool

And teach me something worthwhile!"

Opening up her notebook each day to take notes

She won't understand

Tonight when studying.

Playing eager schoolgirl,

Ready to learn baseless facts rooted in meaningless nonsense.

But she knows that her mind must close on these heinous thoughts,

Tuck them away to the dungeon of her mind.

To maintain perfection,

She must stay in her corrner.

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