Why I'm Not a Pencil

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 02:59 -- rvc731


I am not a pencil, I am a pen. 

Why? I think I'd rather be a pencil, 

but I am not.


For instance, the number 2

pencil gets prized for being

the most used during tests. 

The strong bracing lead within

its wooden holder gets sharper

every time. The lead isn't 

permanent, that's where the eraser

comes in. The eraser at

the end in the metal

holder corrects the pencil, which

allows the pencil to be

more cautious about its errors. 


But me? I either have

a cap or click at

the end of me. I

hang on to papers. I

am used for official business. 

Every light stroke I make 

still makes a mark. My 

ink is deep. I am 

rarely erased, marked permanent. My 

tip has no need for

sharpening; I never shorten from 

the constant need of shedding. 

When I look up, all those moving 

pencils are being used by school students. 


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