We Don't Talk

Thu, 08/31/2023 - 16:43 -- yeah

New year.


New classes.


She's only in 2 of them with me.


Last year, she was in all of them.


I still see her.


I sneak glances.


We don't talk.


We spend our time with other friends we didn't have classes with last year.


I can't speak.


I look at her.




Brain stops working.


Words can't form.


We don't talk.


I need to be good at everything in front of her.


I can't let her see a fool in me.


But I am a fool.


A fool not to talk to her.


A fool not to just say hi.


A fool to think she would talk to me.


A fool to think she would like me.


Just...a fool.


But we don't speak.


I remember a time she asked to borrow my book from me because she didn't complete the homework.


I felt so happy.


She asked me for help.


Out of all her friends, she asked me.


Granted, all her other friends were in orchestra and she was in band with me, but still.


She asked me.


But now...


We don't talk.


She walks by.


I look.


No words are spoken.


We sit near each other.


I look.


She's beautiful.


I look away.


She nearly caught me staring.


Back to paying attention.




I look again.


H e a r t b r e a k.








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