One Act


I have to admit

That sometimes I’m "not all there"

I’m a great actor

Playing the part

And choosing what to share


I wake up and decide what character to present

Someone who’s busy and spent?

A strong confident lady who’s too busy for dating?

A lonely girl waiting

For a guy to sweep her off her feet

Someone who’s ready to meet

With a future boss

And get a job

A so-called "snob"

Selfish and only caring about herself

A person so selfless and giving

She doesn’t care about wealth

A rebel so daring nothing affects her

A girl who cries alone every night

And doesn’t expect anyone to help cure

So many characters I get to choose from


I end up all of them


But the only one to act

Is one that’s okay

Great, in fact, and won’t show what’s going on inside

The only real place to hide

You said I need to share how I’m feeling…I tried

But the real me is someone who takes pride in keeping things hidden

A secret treasure only to be revealed

On the day I give in



There's a quality within all of us to be able to know ourselves more than anyone else.  We face judgement on the daily, but if we stay true to who we are, we will realize that none of that matters.  We can't decide who we are based on the titles others may give us; we are complex creatures and in order to live with meaning, we can't be afraid to be many different "types" of people.  I'm not afraid of diversity of emotions, or differing opinions and outlooks.  I hope others see the importance of being genuine and trusting change within as it comes in order to improve and really experience life.  I wrote this as a reminder of how I once was, not really being honest to myself and trying to place myself into categories.  Now I see how beautiful it is to show and tell people who you really are; it is complete liberation. 

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