On My Way

You started out as a canvas

That my thoughts and dreams flowed freely through

A million dances

The meaning behind the view

I fell in love quite quickly

I wrote for fun

My pen lies thickly

The words worth a ton

With arms wide open

Everything has changed

The story so spoken

The poem arranged

I'll show you love

I'll show you everything

The white dove

The lonely shoestring

Now that I'm older

Responsibilities consume time

The regrets ride my shoulders

I appreciate what's mine

Poetry has shown me love

Love has shown me her

She is my true love

She is but a fleur

All that you've given me

I'm thankful for

I'm not all I could be

I walk through the door

The future laid before my feet

The pathway to knowledge

They sit and weep

I'm on my way to college

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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