It's Tomorrow Again

I wake up as the sun is rising; I feel the same and it’s not surprising.

Another morning, bright and early, in bed there I lay—

Time to go to school, I know, a place where we should “learn and grow.”

My alarm is ringing, ringing in my ear, same as yesterday—

I get up, get dressed, and already feel stressed, same as yesterday—

            Hopefully Tomorrow will be a different day.


I sit through the same seven classes inside four walls as the time passes.

Taking notes, turning pages, the real world seems far away—

They tell me what’s right; They tell me what’s wrong; I turn myself off and follow along.

I’m supposed to be growing and getting smarter every day—

I’m supposed to sit down, raise my hand, and get good grades every day—

            Maybe Tomorrow will be a different day.


I turn in my work, try my best, and study for hours to pass a test.

I do everything it takes to achieve every A—

I try not to worry and not to obsess, but They expect excellence, nothing more, nothing less.

“You must listen and pass, so you can go to college,” They say—

“Get the degree and a good job, so you can be successful,” They say—

            Possibly Tomorrow will be a different day.


I am often measured by my choice of A or B, but They really should be looking at my creativity.

A fire inside me burns to learn something every day—

However, every kid is different, in many ways to an extent.

I can’t wait until our difference in abilities won’t be judged someday—

They’ll be cherished and encouraged, no longer judged someday—

            But, unfortunately, Tomorrow will not be a different day.


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My country



I love this! Once people/children are stripped of their creative minds we become unhappy robots. Continue to create.. it's the only way.




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