I felt trapped, Four walls,

I felt trapped,
Four walls, a prison with no escape in sight.
I was scared, and I never learned my crime.
My cellmates would laugh and talk as if nothing was ever wrong,
Acting as if the world was passing around us and we were stuck within this enclosed space everyday with no ending to our tale.
But there was always one person beside me,
Ready to give me a hand,
Speak to me with wisdom,
And talk to me about a better tomorrow,
In which schools will no longer be jails,
And we are no longer prisoners.
A tomorrow where we enjoy being there,
And want to learn about the world we live in.
She was able to make me smile,
And cracked jokes whenever I hit rock bottom.
She was always there,
Not a teacher,
But a friend,
A mom,
An adult we can confide in.
She changed school for me,
And I began going there, excited to learn everyday.
She told me,
My dreams are achievable,
My poetry is incredible,
And I should never fear things that I can accomplish.


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