Excuse Note

Dear School,

I apologize for my absence today.

I would never miss on purpose.

But just last night, I felt I had

A case of yersinia pestis.


At seven, the neighbors got rowdy again

(But my mom never hears the same).

It sounded like from outside my window,

They kept on chanting my name.


I completed all my homework though

At about eight twenty-two.

But suddenly a wind came in

And ripped my math sheet through.


Also, my aunt and I are really close;

I tell her about my day.

But at half-past nine, she was crying a bunch.

(Because of the anniversary of her passing away)


My mom accuses me of fibbing,

But she doesn’t have my eyes.

I guess she’s losing her hearing, too.

Because the basement’s full of flies.


I understand if I’m not excused.

But trust me when I say,

I simply could not find the strength

To face another day.

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My community
Our world
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Unsettling for sure. 

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