I’ve found Uranium and played with it.

 I’ve been to the top of Mount Whitney in the freezing cold. 

I’ve studied petroglyphs in rocks. 

I’ve gone through caves that most people don’t know exist. 

 I’ve stayed days in the desert in the freezing cold and the burning heat- tired and hungry. 

 I’ve met people from all over the world. 

I’ve found out that Australians really do like to drink beer.

I’ve somehow got lucky and dined with oil company executives and talk about golf; which I know nothing about.

I’ve been a high school teacher.

I’ve worked for an oil company.

I’ve done and seen all this because the biggest life lesson I learned in school, is that life is what you make of it.

I’ve still got more to do.

I’ve got to finish this degree in geology.

I’ve decided to go to a field station in Turkey.

I’ve heard it’s the best of the best.

I’ve heard it could be yet another adventure.

Isn’t that what life is about; the adventure? the unknown? the learning? the good times? the bad times? the pain? the anguish? the countless nights staying up? the countless dreams to fulfill?? the countless pushing and pulling.  The need to achieve?  The need to do better?  The need to have money?  The need to be known? And just the need to say I’ve been here and done that; look at what I did.

Because in the end, life is what you make of it.  So why not make it as memorable as possible.


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