Back to School Brings

Back to school brings supply lists from ten teachers a mile long each,

packets of homework an inch thick,

a state test that interrupts math class,

a project due tomorrow,

a page of formulas to be memorized by the next class period,

a state test that interrups English class,

a five page essay due by Friday,

Back to school brings a mental breakdown at 2 am,

and a state test that interrupts science class,

a backpack so heavy that you have to get a chiropractor,

a councdlor that shoves college applications down your throat,

a detention slip for falling asleep in class,

and a state test that interrupts history class.

Back to school brings memorizing, not learning.

Back to school brings students on the brink of meltdowns.

Back to school brings the pressure of applying to college.

Back to school brings tears and mental exhaustion

And a state test tomorrow.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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