The fluorescents blink almost as fast as you when you're uncomfortable,

     And of course we don't know what we did wrong,

                                                    but the wax on the floors might.


It feels like it's ending

It feels like it's ending

It feels like we're ending


The teachers all have dreams of clean walls and clear minds.

     American flaws run rampant through the hallways of success.

I wonder if we can ever live ahead

                                      without worrying if we're falling behind.


Breathing in ceiling tiles that were made of asbestos in the 70s,

                                              They've been killing us before they even started trying.


I can bury myself in your flowerpots,

     but I can't stand the heat of your five hundred suns.

                                                            The Amaranths died when you forced us to live


It feels like it's ending.

I'd ask my uncle but he's addicted again so he'd never give a straight answer.


It feels like it's ending,

only I don't care anymore,

and I'd rather drink alone than drink in your face.


I'll pick up my books when you learn to read between the lines you write out.

     Labels too heavy to bear and too long to pronounce.

                                        We'll stop reading because you'll tell us to eventually.


It feels like it's ending,

    and I can't remember when I started to feel this way but I know I shouldn't feel this way 


The only higher education I'm doing is picking myself off of the sidewalk,


                                                                            and even you can't teach me that.






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My country
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I really like your style.

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