Forever Unknown


Sterling Klein



Forever Unknown



Though the years keep passing,

Time doesn't slow down

It keeps moving without me.

And I am fearing that

What I see

Will disintigrate around me

For every year that has passed

I feel it lurking nearby

Yet as it approaches in my senior year now

I have to wonder why.

Why was I so scared?

Why did i find myself clueless?

I am ready for college

Though I must first get through this.

I love every second that I can learn,

I want to absorb all of the knowledge around me. 

Why is the sky blue? Light refracion.

Why can't we walk on ice? No traction on a frictionless surface.

Everything said, i want to know.

I simply want my brain to grow.

A lifelong learner yet still sixteen

And concientious 

'Bout being green

Though physics is tough

And I'm not the best, 

I aim to learn, 

Not to make the grade.

I refuse to cater to expections

For i refuse to be caged

I must be free to fly and soar

Though my bones may be too dense.

I must have the freedom to at least choose

Whether or not i like the fence

And though parents may ride me to stay on top

And keep my grades high, 

For they know the fear of losing college

Is enough to make me cry, 

My mother supports me in learning

Not according to textbooks and grades

And my father could simply care less

If he wasnt over a thousand miles away

But I still want to be free to learn

And study all i can

And though dress codes are opressive

And people are hateful, 

I cannot wait for each new day of school.

As I learn each day,

I cant wait to spend my forever knowing the unknown.


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