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Will they ever know how much they mean to me?

How even on the hardest days they could make me smile?

When I was at my worst

when I had no reason to go on,

when I was done with the world,

they were the ones that kept me going.


Will they ever know how much they helped with my anxiety?

I've been afraid of people for so long

that I had almost forgotten what it was like

to walk into a room and not feel fright.

But here I was met with friendly smile,

familiar faces,

and people for whom I care.


They dont know that they gave me a purpose,

a reason to get up and come to school,

when in my mind I was drowning, 

I was dying.

They don't know that it was in their class 

and because of them that I had smiled

that I even laughed for the first time in months.

They don't know how proud I am

of all of the things they done,

even if some days were hard.

I knew that they were tiered,

that they were frustrated,

and that sometimes it was easier to give up.

But they made it through,

and they moved on.


They don't know that they are one of the best memories

I will have about the last four years.

Even when I was nervous,

even when I was depressed,

even through the frustratrtion,

even when I was sick,

All of you guys got me through.


So let me tell you all thank you,

for the effort you put into learning your lessons,

and doing the math.

But most of all thank you all

for being part of helping me get my life back.


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My community


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