The Gods of Wendy's


It's a careful process

romantic even,

when you pull off the wrapper

of a Crispy Chicken Asiago Ranch Sandwich

from the Wendy's Dollar Menu



I'll explain that this chicken is no ordinary chicken,

It's a luxuriously breaded-Aphrodite

presented every morning by red-haired

Wendy Gods

who do not own a freezer



Red-haired Artemis blends in, every fiber of

every chicken in the history of Earth,

to make a beautiful, hot---juicy


that opens imagination to redefining

the art of Leonardo DeVinci and Pablo Picasso

the Declaration of Independence and World War II



Not to mention the bread is freshly kneaded by

red-haired Demeter who makes it so

you can solve String Theory and Schrodinger's Cat 

after one bite



Most importantly, the beautifully crafted

Asiago Ranch Cheese --- 

Red-haired Aristaios got down to

his hands and knees to present it,

making a guiding cheese light to answer

the meaning of life



The Crispy Chicken Asiago Ranch Sandwich

is my happy place 



Some say Where's The Beef, 

I say try the chicken

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