Life: In the Making

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 21:27 -- manilar


United States
36° 3' 22.9608" N, 115° 15' 57.5208" W

A college student in the making
Ooo the classes I am taking
The struggle, but I keep on concentrating.
Interntional Business, the major I desire
With much inspiration, I am indeed, on fire.
From Accounting 202, to Chinese 214,
The struggle, I must say, has made the best of me.
And while I sit in front of this computer,
I spend time with my friend Procrastination.
I tell him “I’ll hang out with you later,”
After I finish this homework with 50 questions.
Ooo, as I wait for that day,
In my cap and gown I think away.
After the struggles have gone past their ways,
To a Business mogul in the making.


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