Farewell to High School


Walking through the halls

I see my pain in all

the memories and people passing

They’re never the same

When we first enter this building

We’re all so young

So innocent

The innocence is lost

The monsters in the closet

Creep into our heads

And we share them with each other

For better

Or for worse

Some our demons will get along

Others will fight

with tooth and nail

There are those demons that

Never get out

They don’t escape

so they torture us

And within a war begins

Between finding love

and loving ourselves

A constant heartache

leaves scars inside our souls


Sometimes I see these scars

on the people I pass

They’ve become the monsters

Consumed by their inner demons

We’re never the same as were

when we began

And when we leave this place

Our demons will follow

The war wages on

But we must find

new comrades

to battle with

Our friends and foes

They become left behind

Some of our greatest advisors

we’ll never speak to again

This place changes us

Forces our demons to mingle


You’ve overcome your demons

As you walk out the doors

for the very last time

You say farewell to the monsters

Farewell to High School


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