Sitting alone in the shadowy shade,

After I made the permeable space

I must wait for the others for the darkness fade.


I appear first like the ace of spades,

In deep thought, but a pure facade is on my face.

And I’m still sitting alone in the shadowy shade


If there’s time I turn my memories into an arcade,

Matching the past movements against problems I faced. 

When the others come, the darkness, the arcade, the memories fade


Sharpening the mind till it’s a blade

Ready to slice down any problem that enters this place.

For right now, I’m waiting, and sitting, alone in the shadowy shade


I hear the others coming by their unharmonizing echoing serenade.

The others flip a switch and instantly the beams race,

Why must others make the darkness fade


I was like a galactic dark sage,

The darkness in this space was my place.

I sat alone in the shadowy shade,

Sadly I waited for other to make the darkness fades


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