Applying for College









Applying to college,

Seems so awfully trying,

While I’m whining,

About something that seems,

So distant.


But so close.


Working on portfolios

For something I barely know,


And trying to make myself look good,

While my grades say otherwise.


Lacrosse school,

That’d be cool,

Performing arts school?

That’d be cooler.


I wish I could do both,

Wondering how I get a grasp,

Starting to begin my growth,

It’s harder than I thought.


Singing songs,

And stopping goals,

What all seems wrong,

Then soon unfolds.


Torn between two different majors,

Wishing my dad could just do me favors.


So, I apply,




Yet the college system can’t be beat.

Yet there’s no way to cheat,


Time keeps fleeting,

Donald Trump keeps tweeting,


And the criterion is impossible to meet.


I wish that I could make sense,

Instead of just guessing,

I would already be in college by now,

But my app is nothing but messy.


I’m stressed,


And not even well dressed.


Eating Funyuns at my desk,

Wondering which college will deny me next.

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