Honestly, school is a place where we spend on average 7 hours sitting in a desk, wasting our time. Some days we work, some days we relax and watch movies. So what’s the need to sit in a prison we call school.

School is a prison, but worse. In prison you are fed, given shelter, and taught life skills. Whereas in school you pay for food, forced to stay there for 7 hours, but kicked out after, and taught useless skills such as y=4x+7.

Necessities in life include, but don’t amount to only, water, nutrients such as food, and shelter. To acquire your own shelter, you must know how to mortgage, rent, and or do loans. Do we learn these life necessities in school? No.

Day to day, Monday through Friday, we read what they call “American literature,” learn pointless math equations like y=x^2, learn the 21st amendment, and where Djibouti is located. For 13 years, we go to school 180 days each year, amounting to an average of 4,140 days of school.

School is useless. At least middle school and high school. Elementary school has taught me most life important necessities; like writing, reading, basic math, and social skills. Basically 3,060 days of life wasted sitting in a classroom for 7 hours a day, learning nothing.

Never do you learn how to do taxes, rent, how to vote, and pay bills.

We sit in prison.

But worse. 


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